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Introduction to Leadership:


Our basic leadership course is 2 days of very engaging classroom discussions. We focus on taking ownership of your career, pride in your craft, and how to bring others up with you. Special emphasis is placed on creating a egoless environment where everyone’s' talents and skills are shared, while still making it ok to ask for help. We recommend some reading material before the class so that everyone can engage and understand the leadership concepts discussed during the 2 day course.

Officer and Acting Officer Development Program:


Building on concepts from the basic leadership course, this supervisory level program is specifically designed to cultivate hard working, thinking, compassionate managers that will lead the generation of agency from the front, not via E-mail. This multiple stage course will take participants on a journey where they will find out what kind of leader they want to be. This egoless environment will encourage the sharing of ideas, successes, and failures in order to build high performance teams that will accomplish the mission every time!

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