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Competition makes everyone better.

Challenge Everyone…

People may see me as pompous, cocky, or think I see myself as better than them.

That makes them weak! They are giving me that power over them! It’s not my issue, it’s theirs. That is the manifestation of self-doubt. I do see myself as good, and so should you! Now, come get me! If you beat me, or even get close to it, you just push me work to harder, to make myself better. Thank you!

The way I see it.

I see competition as a way of pushing myself and pushing others. Am I competitive? You bet I am!

No quarter given.

My sport has no time outs, no redos, no playoff, no make-up games, no rain delay, NO MERCY! Every day is the championship game. Penalties are given in the form of injury and death. Stakes are real, and the expectations are high.

What are you doing to challenge yourself and others?

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