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The Brotherhood is not dead

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

There are those amongst my peers that say “The brotherhood is dead...”. To those people I say: Malarkey!!

Questions for those non-believers:

What have you done lately?

No no, not just for others... but for yourself!

Are you doing everything you can about the things you can control? Are you giving your all to you? your partner? your brothers/sisters?

It begins within you first. Once you are giving yourself 100% then look to the outside world and do more for others. It’s is not until you are on the path of caring for yourself that you can begin to care and give to others.

I task the naysayers with this:

Be the best version of you today, now, no excuses. That is the first step in being a good “brother” to person beside you, your family and you! Start here, start now, then come to me and tell me the brotherhood is dead.

If you still say the brotherhood is dead...

It’s your fault for letting it die. You need to sow the seeds. Water them, cultivate them. Others will follow and plant seeds of their own. The bravest ones among us are the first followers. Each of you are leaders in your own right. Lead by example and others will follow. That is where the power of brotherhood lies. Do.Your.Job! That alone is brotherhood. It’s in you! It is in all of you!

Now get out there, be AWESOME, and get after it!

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